About Andrew

About Andrew

Born Andrew James Lancashire in 1986, in Watford, England. Migrated to Melbourne, Australia in November 1989.

A free spirit with a wonderful sense of humour, able to always laugh at most situations even in the face of gloom. One of his most endearing qualities was to be able to laugh at himself, never taking things too seriously in life. From an early age, Andrew had been showing his creative and artistic side of him which mapped his life onwards. His passion in music, listening to all genre types, as well as playing. He taught himself eventually, to play the guitar, both base and electric and became a avid beautiful guitarist.

His zest and energy for life and all things of nature and nurture stemmed from a young age. Andrew was cited by his junior school teacher as being creatively talented. That continued into senior school where his love of Multimedia and music evolved from strength to strength. In his own words, “I do believe there is room for improvement but in art I think that there always is. I love multimedia and plan on taking this subject up in university and I know that I now have the required necessities to become a great multimedia designer.”

Andrew (Dru – to all his friends) achieved one of his life’s goal, as a Multimedia Designer. He was awarded his degree Bachelor of Design (Multimedia) from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia, posthumously on 17th March 2009.

Facing Osteosarcoma

Andrew passed away at 3 months past his 22nd birthday, on the 23rd November 2008, of Osteosarcoma. Andrew was extraordinarily tenacious, right to the end. Andrew had always have a very strong will and was a focused young man. His knowledge that he was surrounded by love and hope by his girlfriend and families, and friends throughout his journey, kept him going. He did not plan to die.

His extraordinary courage in the face of everything he had to endure and the way he saw the good in everybody. His appreciation of life’s beauty, even in his own adversity, evolved and became his greatest quality. *Image sourced from Wikipedia


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